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where are we going

Im always thirsting for new knowledge. I tend to bounce from one subject to another in periods of about a month and Im not exactly sure what the next one could be so bear with me here:p

Recently I have become enthralled by politics. I can see why as the US dollar is dropping in value, our credit rating has downgraded, and upcoming elections are inviting debates amongst the possible candidates. It does boggle my mind why more of my friends arent as captivated as I am considering the magnitude of the situation. As the value of the dollar loses value by default all other financial transactions involving said dollar become more expensive. Most of you already understand this but thats what makes this moment in time so world changing.

As I was writing that last sentence a commercial on cnbc just advertised for the up and coming business sector in Hunan, China. It suggested that one should consider bringing and investing their business in Hunan. I mean, I get it why I wouldnt want to start or continue to maintain a business in a country that clearly is having some serious financial problems and considering the fact that the dollar is on the path to being worth less than the paper its written on may not be a bad idea. It would make sense but its not exactly a move that promotes positive effects on the US economy. Why would a company want to outsource their jobs, factories, and major labor force to another country? Alot of people are aware of the fact that in other countrys the standard of pay and workers rights are not on the US’s level which would reduce overhead, but from what Im starting to realize as I barely scratch the surface in my research is that a large portion of a companies expenses, when based in the US are government regulations and taxes. Also when the company does outsource part of their company when they try to bring the money back into the US the government trys to tax them so much its actually more beneficial for them to reinvest the money into their branch in the other country. These are some of the reasons when politicians talk about the need to “free up the economy” they mean that business are not given any incentives to bring the business here. I dont blame them. I wouldnt either to be completely honest.

Clearly the current approach is not working. Our future as a country economically is quickly slipping into what could be one of the darkest times in our countries history. Now then again I havent really lived through a depression or recession before with the exception of the late 80s, but I had no clue what was going on anyway so I dont really count that as a life experiance. So I guess its all relative, but to an extent whats the other side of it. Where are we supposed to come out of this when just printing more money doesnt patch up our financially issues. I could be wrong and hope I am. I like being able to get up for work, or not getting up at all. I like having the opportunity to make my own path in this world, but if the economy goes the path of the worst then the only life I could find true happiness and satisfaction in would be living off the land and being self sustaining. It would give me control once again of the life I used to have control over.

This is ofcourse all speculation based on an educated guess and lite research. If you have your two cents on the subject fill free to add them. What direction do you think we really need to go in? Are we missing the big picture? And what kind of world do you imagine with out the current system and lifestyles we current enjoy the security of?

Thank you for reading

This is my first post and for a second there I hit a little hickup. Like I was in some sort of big moment where all of the sudden it matters. I wanted to start a blog for a couple of reasons I suppose. Probably not too uncommon from the same reasons other people start blogs. I couldnt imagine Im a pioneer or revolutionary in those regards.

I got a chance to have a very refreshing conversation with an old friend who I havnt spoken to in years this evening and she inspired me to start writing. Ive briefly read some of her blog and enjoyed it immensely. It was good catching up and hopefully we can stay in touch. At the end or on some other occasion I will share a link to her blog. I would recommend you check it out.

This is going to be a bit of a project with no intended initial purpose other than to tell my story and share a few perspectives and insights into my world. Its kind of exciting thinking about the possibility of what this could become and as I have grown and evolved intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually I believe it will too.

If you have any questions feel free to post them. Any questions at all are exceptable. I mean dont ask me to interpret the geopolitical scene of the 13th century, but if you have a burning question or something thats bothering you, or your thinking about feel free to ask. I think you will be surprised by the answer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

lilgypsy3 is her username. At a later date I will post a link. Im sure there are plenty of tools on this site to streamline alot of these things, but for now this will have to do